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Vertical Mexico Decaf

Whole bean coffee

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RECOMMENDED PREPARATIONS: Espresso, Milk Drinks, Fully-Automatic Machines, Bialetti

Let’s make decaf coffee tasty and fun. No matter why you’d like to go low on caffeine, we’ve got you covered. Expect a taste of chocolate brownies straight out of the oven, prune jam and a hint of gingerbread, high sweetness and a full body.

It’s roasted in our signature style: light enough to taste all the flavors, developed enough to be easily extracted.

There are no chemicals involved in the decaffeination process, just water.

ROASTED FOR: espresso preparation

ORIGIN: Chiapas, Mexico

PRODUCERS: Smallholder Farmers

VARIETALS: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica, Catuaí

ALTITUDE: 900 - 1100 m

PROCESSING: Mountain Water Decaffeination

CUPPING NOTES: chocolate brownies, prune jam, gingerbread, high sweetness, full body

SIZE: 250 g / 1 kg

OUR PREFERRED EXTRACTION: 19 g in, 42 g out in 25 sec., water at 93.6°C (double/two espresso using a 18g VST Basket)

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Vertical Coffee Roasters

Country:  Switzerland


* We started out as summiteer coffee

but for everyone's better understanding changed our name to Vertical Coffee Roasters in 2017


The focus of our roastery is on working only with Specialty Coffee: That means top cup quality and clear aroma profiles, partnerships at eye level as well as socially, ecologically and economically sustainable practices and transparency along the value chain.

In order to highlight the great work done at origin, we roast these exceptional coffees in our signature clean and light roasting style.


We only process specialty coffee, i.e. green coffee from the top quality segment . This is characterized by clear aroma profiles, partnership-based trade, transparency and traceability as well as socially, ecologically and economically sustainable cultivation and processing.

So that the outstanding work of the producers is reflected in the cup, we roast the coffee with our clean and light roasting style, which extracts the maximum of aromas from the beans.

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