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Vertical Coffee Challenge Espresso Bundle

Whole bean coffee

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The coffees in this bundle are available only as the pair and for a limited time only.

At this year's Swiss Coffee Challenge, Baristas were faced with an array of different challenges involving all skills of coffee making and one of them was to serve an espresso using a blend of two single origin coffees provided. As the chosen roaster for the Coffee Challenge Espressos, we roasted two very different coffees for the participants, each one having very unique and different characteristics: A high grown and washed processed Arabica from Eastern Africa and a lower grown natural processed Canephora from Central America:

Coffea Arabica: Rwanda Nyaruzina Lot 76 washed Red Bourbon

Coffea Canephora: Ecuador Asochakra PB natural Napa Payamino

We were curious to see how they would be combined to make the whole more than the sum of its parts. The teams chose very different blending and brewing ratios:

Team Kaffeemacher:innen (Dario & David)

60% Ecuador und 40% Rwanda

18.5g in, 45g out in 22s

Team GOAT's (Chris & Daniel)

75% Ecuador und 25% Rwanda

21.5g in, 35g out in 29s

Team Adrianos (Vanessa & Jonas)

10% Ecuador, 90% Rwanda

18g in, 48g out in 22s

Team Giovanna and Matt

72% Ecuador, 28% Rwanda

18g in, 45g out in 15s

Team Henauer (Dario & Philipp)

8% Ecuador, 92% Rwanda

18g in, 50g out in 27s


So now here's your chance to try each of these coffees on its own, create a unique blend or follow the competitor's recipes to see for yourself what's the best way you like your espresso.

Below you can find the detailed info on each of the coffees plus our personal cupping notes.

ORIGIN: Rwanda, Lake Kivu

PRODUCER: Nyaruzina Farm

ALTITUDE: 1525 m

VARIETAL: Red Bourbon

PROCESS: fully washed

OUR TASTE NOTES: blackberry, vanilla custard, maple syrup, jammy body


ORIGIN: Ecuador, Sumaco Biosphere Reserve

PRODUCER: Asochakra Women’s Cooperative

ALTITUDE: 350 - 550m

VARIETAL: Napa Payamino PB

PROCESS: natural

OUR TASTE NOTES: licorice, raspberry, full and smooth body

Both coffees were sourced through very special people with a unique link to each origin. Ecuador Asochakra through Gio and her green coffee business Latitud 0° and Rwanda Nyaruzina through Vanía and her green coffee business Somaho Specialty Coffee. Read more about them in our blogpost (click here).

Logo Vertical Coffee Roasters

Vertical Coffee Roasters

Country:  Switzerland


* We started out as summiteer coffee

but for everyone's better understanding changed our name to Vertical Coffee Roasters in 2017


The focus of our roastery is on working only with Specialty Coffee: That means top cup quality and clear aroma profiles, partnerships at eye level as well as socially, ecologically and economically sustainable practices and transparency along the value chain.

In order to highlight the great work done at origin, we roast these exceptional coffees in our signature clean and light roasting style.


We only process specialty coffee, i.e. green coffee from the top quality segment . This is characterized by clear aroma profiles, partnership-based trade, transparency and traceability as well as socially, ecologically and economically sustainable cultivation and processing.

So that the outstanding work of the producers is reflected in the cup, we roast the coffee with our clean and light roasting style, which extracts the maximum of aromas from the beans.

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