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With our exhibition, manufacturers benefit from our customized services and specialized SEO tools that allow them to increase their online visibility and bring traffic to their websites. Manufacturers can reach their business goals by showcasing their products with us to achieve sales leads, international visibility, brand building, sales networks, and measurable results.

Our Culture

We are one team, with the singular focus on our customers. It’s part of who we are, how we work, how we think and how we hire. With everything we do, we have a very disciplined focus on our priorities and values, which enable us to provide exceptional service to our customers and build a strong, driven team. Using agility methodology, a logical evolution of a model way of thinking, we adapt to our constantly changing and flexible environment.

Our Mission

CoffeeIndustry is an exhibition where buyers and suppliers from around the world meet. We give businesses and associations of all sizes access to a wide spectre of coffee products in one place.

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Our partners

Notion Coffee School

Notion Coffee School

Coffee school with AST Lev Volodarsky teaching CSP Barista skills and doing private lectures.  Providing educational services since 2018. Teaching both in russian  and english.

National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB)

National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB)

Coffee plays a major role in the economy of the Rwanda, contributing significantly to foreign exchange earnings and to the monetisation of the rural economy. Currently, 400,000 small holder farm families produce it and depend on it for their livelihoods.

Myanmar Coffee Association

Myanmar Coffee Association

The Myanmar Coffee Association is non-profit trade association working to increase the prosperity of all sectors of the industry by providing: Technical training Professional development education Local and international market linkages Access to financial assistance Information resources Industry standards and certific

Sustainable Growers

Sustainable Growers

In 2013 Bloomberg Philanthropies partnered with Sustainable Harvest, a pioneer in ethical coffee trading, to increase economic opportunities for women and their families. Together they created a non profit, called The Relationship Coffee Institute— later re-named Sustainable Growers — to give women farmers and their families in Rwanda and the DRC more professionalized, market- based skills to incr

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For farmers


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For farmers

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Create a stand to get new direct trade customers all around the globe.

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Create a stand to get orders from a foreign markets.

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Create a stand to connect directly with manufacturers.