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Whole bean coffee

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Imagine summer time on Kilimanjaro…we’re willing to bet it’s basically this coffee.

All of us here at DRC have been really looking forward to this year’s fresh crop Mwika North and it does NOT disappoint. It has always been a favorite of the team and we love sharing it with you all. One important note to make regarding this year’s harvest is that it's the first time that coffee has been processed using the Coffee Processing Unit (CPU or washing station) that is now operational after a decade of being unusable! There are a couple of major benefits to this new, centralized processing. 


The CPU will bring a new level of consistency and quality control to Mwika North. Historically, farmers in the area had done all of the depulping at their homes and brought coffee in parchment to Mwika North. Now, contributing farmers can put all of their energy into growing & harvesting more efficiently, ensuring that only ripe cherries are being picked and brought for processing. All of the depulping can now be done on site at Mwika North using the CPU. By centralizing and standardizing the depulping and processing at one location rather than many, they can better control and monitor the entire process, which gives us much higher levels of consistency and quality from cup to cup. The other benefit to this new system of processing is that the contributing farmers can now be more quickly paid for the cherry that they are selling to Mwika North.  Simply put, less time spent by each contributing farmer getting their coffee to the processing facility, results in more timely payment for that coffee.


The wet mill was built over 10 years ago but never had the infrastructure to be able to run. This year, with input and some funding from us and a mountain of work from Crop to Cup Coffee Importers and Taylor Wench Tanzania, They did a trial run of coffee from their co-op members through the mill and the outcome was phenomenal. This year's lot is the entirety of that experiment and promotes their goal to run ALL their coffee through the on-site wet mill next year. Farmers will get paid sooner, quality will go up and we were all able to play our small part state-side. Option 3: Win-win-win.


Country/Region: Tanzania / Kilimanjaro
Farmer: 180 farmers from the Mwika AMCOS
Cultivar: Bourbon, Kent, and N39
Altitude:  1430-1530m
Processing: washed

Сafein free No decaf
Process Washed
Cupping Notes Cocoa
Availability In stock
Altitude > 1500 m

Deeper Roots Coffee

Country:  USA

We had already fallen in love with coffee and third place environments, we had learned barista best practices and the ins and outs of coffee equipment, and we had forged a cooperative relationship with a community of coffee farmers in Santa Maria de Jesus, Guatemala. All of these experiences and connections inspired a handful of friends in Cincinnati, Ohio, to form Deeper Roots Coffee as a roasting company in 2011.

With a shared and evolving vision to participate in the specialty coffee movement, we've continued to collaborate with likeminded coffee producers from diverse regions - exploring taste, quality and sustainability. As we've grown, we've been able to roast and share extraordinary coffees with coffee shop owners, chefs, baristas, office workers and home aficionados in Cincinnati and beyond. And we've opened coffee bars of our own to showcase the coffees and to have a creative, hospitable role in local culture.

From those who grow it to those who drink it, among our team and within our communities, we strive to be good for the people.

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