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This blend was designed for dark roast lovers without actually roasting the coffee dark. We wanted to preserve the flavors and oils of the coffee but give you that sweet smoke, fully body, chocolatey experience you’re really looking for.

Our Losantiville blend, which comes from Tanzania and Colombia hearkens back to olden days of the origins of Cincinnati when men and women drank coffee sinfully black.  Our dark blend isn’t as dark as coffees from those days but this blend will cater to the dark roast lovers.  We tailor the roasting process and extend some reactions to give a full body and sweet smoke edge without over-roasting.  You'll not see oils on these beans but you'll still love the body and smokiness with a tasteful dark fruit balance.

Current Blend Components: Colombia San Jose / Tanzania Mwika North

Сafein free No decaf
Cupping Notes Sweet, Smoke
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Deeper Roots Coffee

Country:  USA

We had already fallen in love with coffee and third place environments, we had learned barista best practices and the ins and outs of coffee equipment, and we had forged a cooperative relationship with a community of coffee farmers in Santa Maria de Jesus, Guatemala. All of these experiences and connections inspired a handful of friends in Cincinnati, Ohio, to form Deeper Roots Coffee as a roasting company in 2011.

With a shared and evolving vision to participate in the specialty coffee movement, we've continued to collaborate with likeminded coffee producers from diverse regions - exploring taste, quality and sustainability. As we've grown, we've been able to roast and share extraordinary coffees with coffee shop owners, chefs, baristas, office workers and home aficionados in Cincinnati and beyond. And we've opened coffee bars of our own to showcase the coffees and to have a creative, hospitable role in local culture.

From those who grow it to those who drink it, among our team and within our communities, we strive to be good for the people.

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