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Trottet Ethiopia Kaffa Gimbo Tamara Estate

Whole bean coffee

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The Tatmara farm of Negusse Tadesse is located in the region of Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of the South. It is immersed in the heart of an ancient coffee region, 15 km from Bonga, in the village of Dakiti (Gimbo district). Kaffa is the land of origin of coffee.
The name “Tatmara” derives its meaning, in the Kaffa language, from the words “Tato”: king and “Mara”: forgiveness. It is indeed in this locality that the successive kings of Kaffa used to go once a year to pardon the prisoners. This custom ended in the 19th century after the annexation of these lands by Emperor Menelik II.

The Negusse farm covers 82 hectares, 5 of which are reserved for infrastructure, buildings and drying station. With his teams, he collects natural and honey forest coffees, dried on African beds. The 77 hectares dedicated to coffee, which he has cultivated for 10 years, are spread over a forest rich in endemic species. More than 30 varieties of trees surround the coffee trees of Negusse and provide ideal shade for a slow ripening of the cherries. Some trees, like the Qararo, are endangered in Ethiopia and the agroforestry model that Negusse is developing is one way to protect them. This farm, remarkable for the diversity of its flora, is also remarkable for that of its fauna. You can see a large number of monkeys, birds and, it seems, even a few leopards, among a rustle of insects,

The biodiversity of this farm allows a diversification of the activities of Negusse which also harvests some spices such as maniguette, or honey. Trees of different species favor staggered flowering and allow three collections of honey, with very distinct characteristics. Tatmara's coffees, made from varieties 74110, 74112 and Wush Wush, are full of complex and interesting aromas.

Our teams support Negusse in maintaining this ecological wealth. The work we do with him focuses on two angles, inseparable from each other. It is about highlighting the rare biodiversity of these lands, while refining the quality of its coffees. For this Marjorie, our agronomist, organized several training sessions to help improve harvesting and drying techniques. She also guided the Negusse teams in setting up the honey process. Fufa, our agronomist at the Addis Ababa branch, Shambé and Jacques continue this support throughout the year.

What is specialty coffee?

Specialty coffee is a top-of-the-range coffee known as “rare”, with unique characteristics in the world. It is cultivated in the highest altitudes of the world, in family plantations whose objective is the superior quality, signed by a manual harvest in order to guarantee the perfection of the grain. The terroir coffees are carefully sourced for the care taken by the producer, a superior manual and selective harvest, full traceability, a cultivation method and a respected and controlled treatment process.

 What is the Score?

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) defines a high standard coffee analysis procedure to assess all the peculiarities of specialty coffee. SCA determines the value of smell, aroma, body, acidity, possible defects. A coffee is rated on a scale of 100, and must obtain a minimum score of 80 points to be able to be determined as "specialty coffee".

Specialty coffee score classes

80+: very good coffees

85+: The excellence of the specialty

88+: The Grand Cru, the Rare

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Cafés Trottet

Country:  Switzerland

With a solid history since 1947, Cafés Trottet is rooted in the history of artisanal coffee in Geneva. Initially, a simple small roaster in Rue Amat aux Pâquis, today, Cafés Trottet offers the same quality of coffee with the same values ​​from the roasting workshop in Meyrin, still in Geneva.

Much more than an artisan roaster around the corner, Cafés Trottet is committed to roasting coffees by hand from Meyrin's workshop in Geneva. To go further, since 1947, Cafés Trottet has also been committed to sourcing sustainably with 100% Swiss packaging from local partners over the long term.

Cafés Trottet store, produce, roast, condition and package 100% of their coffee from the Meyrin workshop without any intermediary or subcontractor. In their product range, we find coffee beans, ground coffee, coffee in compatible Nespresso® * capsules, coffee in capsules compatible with the Lavazza Espresso Point® * system, ESE 44mm paper pods, all produced by their own care. 'workshop. To complete their products, Cafés Trottet offers a wide range of coffee machines compatible with all the capsule systems offered.

For several years now, Cafés Trottet has been offering its services through their 123Pack platform to other coffee roasters and vendors. They take care of the recipe design, roasting, packaging and packaging 100% Swiss as for their own coffee.

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