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Trottet Costa Rica Amapola Tarrazu

Whole bean coffee

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See you in Costa Rica, an exceptional coffee terroir located in Tarrazu!

The Great Blend of Varieties that comes to us from Costa Rica is contributed by several small farmers or producing families who are between 1,400 and 1,500 meters above sea level. The high altitudes and low temperatures make it the coffee even more exceptional, because its development is slowed down. Caturra variety, it is the most produced species across the country. The treatment is washed, which reveals the beautiful tangy notes of Costa Rica! Coffee is harvested by dozens of producing families throughout the Tarrazu department, in the heart of the San José region. Why Amapola? Typically, coffee earns its name because of the plantation or the farm. This exceptional coffee takes its name Amapola because of a local plant which is the Hibiscus, a tropical plant. In the heart of Tarrazù, The country's most popular region for coffee, water comes naturally, which nourishes the soil for coffee production. The region operates mainly through its coffee cultivation work: between production and export. Most of the producing families make a living from coffee production.

What is specialty coffee?

Specialty coffee is a top-of-the-range coffee known as “rare”, with unique characteristics in the world. It is cultivated in the highest altitudes of the world, in family plantations whose objective is the superior quality, signed by a manual harvest in order to guarantee the perfection of the grain. The terroir coffees are carefully sourced for the care taken by the producer, a superior manual and selective harvest, full traceability, a cultivation method and a respected and controlled treatment process.

 What is the Score?

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) defines a high standard coffee analysis procedure to assess all the peculiarities of specialty coffee. SCA determines the value of smell, aroma, body, acidity, possible defects. A coffee is rated on a scale of 100, and must obtain a minimum score of 80 points to be able to be determined as "specialty coffee".

Specialty coffee score classes

80+: very good coffees

85+: The excellence of the specialty

88+: The Grand Cru, the Rare

Logo Cafés Trottet

Cafés Trottet

Country:  Switzerland

With a solid history since 1947, Cafés Trottet is rooted in the history of artisanal coffee in Geneva. Initially, a simple small roaster in Rue Amat aux Pâquis, today, Cafés Trottet offers the same quality of coffee with the same values ​​from the roasting workshop in Meyrin, still in Geneva.

Much more than an artisan roaster around the corner, Cafés Trottet is committed to roasting coffees by hand from Meyrin's workshop in Geneva. To go further, since 1947, Cafés Trottet has also been committed to sourcing sustainably with 100% Swiss packaging from local partners over the long term.

Cafés Trottet store, produce, roast, condition and package 100% of their coffee from the Meyrin workshop without any intermediary or subcontractor. In their product range, we find coffee beans, ground coffee, coffee in compatible Nespresso® * capsules, coffee in capsules compatible with the Lavazza Espresso Point® * system, ESE 44mm paper pods, all produced by their own care. 'workshop. To complete their products, Cafés Trottet offers a wide range of coffee machines compatible with all the capsule systems offered.

For several years now, Cafés Trottet has been offering its services through their 123Pack platform to other coffee roasters and vendors. They take care of the recipe design, roasting, packaging and packaging 100% Swiss as for their own coffee.

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