We are very pleased to release José Cienfuegos, our first ever Mexican coffee at Elm. Many Mexican coffees have passed along our cupping table, and this coffee stood out as one we had to have.

José grows Bourbon and Garnica varietal coffee in Ohupan, Veracruz, east of Mexico City and north of Oaxaca. Coffees here are grown at lower elevations, around 1300 MASL, when typically our coffees are at 1700 and higher.  Veracruz’s location far north in the tropics has cooler, wetter weather that slows down cherry ripening dramatically.

This all leads to a very flavor dense coffee, unlike the bright, fruit or floral forward coffees Elm usually buys. Cienfuegos is rich with the spice flavors Mexican coffee is known for, as well as deep cherry and raisin sweetness, pairing wonderfully with food and perfect for autumn mornings.