This is the second release of our first ever gesha varietal coffee, Carlos Belalcazar from Colombia. For those unfamiliar with gesha coffees, they are a highly sought after varietal that originated in the Gesha region of Ethiopia, but became popular after being planted in Central America.

For small producers like Carlos Belalcazar, planting a lot of gesha can be a tremendously risky endeavor. The delicate plants can be difficult to take to local soils, require conventional chemical inputs to thrive, and then fall flat on the cupping table compared to traditional Colombian varietals. We typically prefer to highlight what small producers can do with crops that are much more sustainable, both economically and environmentally. 

This all being said, Belalcazar’s coffee is an exception to all of this. Grown in the Andean climate and volcanic soils of Nariño, and isolated from the influence of conventional, chemically fertilized agriculture, utmost care was taken during farming and processing to create this shining example of the gesha varietal. Belalcazar was able to be paid a high price for this ambitious endeavour, and the local NGO, FUDAM, was paid an additional premium to fund their initiatives in sustainable development and gender equality in Nariño. The coffee tastes of bergamot and lavender, with a deep sweetness to balance. 

This will be a very limited release, with only about 90 8-ounce bags available for sale, an additional 40 will be bundled with Fellow Atmos containers. As such, all purchases will be considered pre-orders, and will be fulfilled starting Sept. 26th.