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Cognoscenti Sumatra Trogon

Whole bean coffee

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We are excited to be offering a coffee from Indonesia for 2021 New Year. With everything going on around the world, we’re still focused on finding coffees that tickle our toes. The Sumatra Trogon is names after the blue tailed bird indigenous to the island within a tropical montane forest. The coffee is triple picked which means only the ripe, developed cherries are set aside for this Grade 1 lot. The Producer Asman is originally from Palembang, South Sumatra but has been living in Aceh for 21 years. After migrating to Aceh he purchased a coffee farm and invested in a processing facility for wet hulled, which he produced & traded locally. In 2016 he formed a cooperative, built a washing station, and raised beds covered drying dome - to focus exclusively on specialty. With specialty he is able to pay premium cherry prices and second payment to his members many of whom are originally from Karo but emigrated after the recent eruption of Sinabung. Because the coffee is washed, the flavor notes exhibit tropical fruits, pine nuts and a clean, medium body.

Сafein free No decaf
Process Washed
Cupping Notes Fruity, Cocoa
Availability In stock
Altitude > 1500 m

Cognoscenti Coffee

Country:  USA

Welcome! Cognoscenti Coffee is a roaster in Los Angeles, California. We started in 2009 and now have three local cafes, including one at the roastery. We are a small team, so you’re not seeing double when you see your barista roasting and bagging, or at a different location than usual. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable and approachable experience. We source primarily washed coffees placing the priority in cup clarity and sustainability.

All of our cafes are open and continue to follow local and state regulations to keep our staff and customers as safe as possible. We appreciate that you do the same when you visit. Keep an eye out on our Instagram page for any store hour updates!

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