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Coffee Tech Silon ZR7 Shop Roaster


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The Silon ZR7, a 7kg batch shop roaster is a work of art.
This time, we dedicate our work to you, the coffee artisan.
Silon means ‘jet’ in Hebrew.

The Silon ZR7 was originally researched and designed as a tool for baristas who craft their own beans, batch by batch, to be served with great professional pride. We envisioned Silon ZR7 for those who deserve the best tool out there. We present you with a roasting machine built to the highest standard in every possible respect: quality in design, quality of build, quality of coffee produced. We crafted Silon ZR7 to be the crown jewel of your coffee-roasting practice, right at the center of your atelier.

The Silon ZR7 is much more than your everyday shop roaster. Loyal to our endless pursuit of excellence, the Silon ZR7 was created, from start to finish, using our long-standing experience in designing state-of-the-art roasters.

As a tool made for pros, we deliver conductive heat closer to the beans than we ever dared to do with any of our previous commercial coffee roasting machines. We feel certain we can grant all due credit to you, the true artisan we aim at. We count on you, the coffee craftsman, so we removed all built-in limitations that are sometimes deemed necessary when considering a commercial-scale machine.

We believe we understand your goals. You work hard to keep your businesses reputation at the top of the scale. You strive to understand the effect each parameter has on the roasting process. You wish to maximize output from each batch of precious beans. When it comes to roasting, just like with driving, you want to go all the way through without ABS. You want to take it right to the edge, very close, but never too far. This means you need to take charge, and to stay fully on top of things. We know you will, because the process will keep you thrilled to explore.

These have been our guiding principles in optimizing crucial parameters:

  • Advanced Thermodynamic Characterization: A tightly sealed and controlled ceramic combustion chamber design inspired by our extensive research into conductive and convective heat pathways.
  • Robust and Accurate Drum Housing: Ensuring perfect alignment of drum spin throughout the product’s entire lifecycle. Greased hemispherical bearings, zero-tolerance precision dry-slide bearings, and a micrometric mechanism to adjust drum gap ensure the edge of the drum stays perfectly perpendicular to the front plate of the machine at minimal tolerance.
  • Drum Proportion: Optimizing ratio of bean mass to metal contact area for a superb conductive thermal dialog.
  • In-drum Variable Agitation: Designed for perfect bean stirring, greater heat conduction between metal and beans, effective chaff separation, and immediate evacuation of beans from the drum into the cooling group.
  • Monitoring and Control: Monitoring of drum air and bean temperature. Digital control of drum revolution speed, drum blower speed, drum aspiration rate, and the fully modulated pre-mix turbo gas burner.
  • Software (optional): State-of-the-art, Israeli roasting management software.
  • Perfect Heat Dispersion: A sophisticated heat dispersion scheme involves thermal flow emanating from the heat source located at the bottom towards the top of the structure using secondary airflow propelled by well-calculated jets of air. Specifically designed perforation at the top front end of the combustion chamber allows air to flow in in precise ratio.
  • Fully Modulated Pre-Mix Turbo Gas Burner: The Burner is fully controllable from low power to overkill with high frequency of infrared reflection towards the drum. Ultra low NOx specs in infrared flame screen achieve the cleanest, most efficient energy production. No soot accumulation in the drum or harmful CO emission.

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Coffee Tech Engineering

Country:  Israel

Coffee-Tech Engineering specializes in the manufacturing of professional coffee roasters and coffee roasting equipment. Our company designs and manufactures a wide variety of manual and automatic shop coffee roasters, as well as commercial coffee roasters.

Our unique and comprehensive approach derives from the fact that we encompass a wide array of coffee expertise, bringing together tradition and a love for coffee alongside advanced technology. Coffee-Tech Engineering is in the possession of experienced experts in roasting, blending and brewing methodologies. Together with top technological hardware and software experts, gifted product designers and skilled craftsmen, We present a mounting up experience of decades.

Coffee-Tech Engineering is leading the market of artisan shop roasters, thanks to an intensive research and development process and the use of high end technologies and design. Our coffee roasters present the best ratio of dimensions, weight and energy consumption vs. roasting output and quality. More than any known shop roasters on the market – it is evident that our leading products excel in their small footprint and space required for their operation. Moreover, we have succeeded in importing and embedding the same professional features that exist in large scale commercial coffee roasters into our compact machines. By using high quality European made components and maintaining simplicity in design, we are able to offer our products worldwide, assuring long lasting quality of roasting and simple in-store repairs when needed. Therefore, our manual and automatic shop roasters are the gateway to a wide scope of business opportunities for small and medium coffee-shops and coffeehouses.

Our coffee roasters excel in their superb and even roasting of coffee beans, and are especially designed to handle blended coffee successfully. We believe that in order to achieve the best results, coffee should be roasted in the same country that it is consumed in. Proximity assures not only the freshness of coffee, but also maximum control of the product’s taste and quality. Hence, a great deal of our research and development process is dedicated to achieve even and superb roasting quality with different types of coffee beans and blends. Using our Coffee Laboratory, we are able to bring roasting parameters – such as heat dispersion, air flow, thermodynamics, rotating blades, energy efficacy and other key factors – to their optimum.

Coffee-Tech Engineering operates a training center at the factory for granting the utmost professional training to our valuable customers. The free course presents the theoretical and actual know-how of roasting and endows with additional essential knowledge related to the secrets of preparing the perfect coffee – from blending to brewing.

Coffee-Tech Engineering is committed to following strict manufacturing standards, to deliver innovative and fresh thinking, and to support its clients worldwide. Even more so, we are capable of wrapping it all up with our unique and stunning designs. As would be expected from coffee fanatics, we put the coffee in center of things.

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