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Coffee Tech Ghibli Firewood Commercial Roaster


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Where technology meets tradition. Ghibli Firewood commercial roaster utilizes wood combustion for roasting. Roasting occurs by means of convective hot air that flows across the roasting drum, transferring heat and the aroma of the wood to the beans. With this method of roasting, the end result is influenced by the type of wood being used, from natural coals to aromatic chopped fruit-wood or other aromatic types such as oak.

The Ghibli Firewood is one of the most advanced roasters in the industry. The roasting process can be conducted manually by digital temperature control or automatically by the accompanying software. Heat is directed to the drum housing for heating through a pneumatic selector box that features a waste gate connected to the chimney, which can block heat quickly. The Ghibli Firewood operation is extremely clean and simple, with a highly efficient firing group that consumes a small amount of wood per batch. For example, one batch will only use roughly two pieces of wood, depending on its size.

Using the Ghibli Firewood to roast is much more than just another marketing highlight – it is joyful and, in a way, easier and more intuitive than roasting with gas, as only an organic heating source is being used. This also adds a whole world of flavors to your precious coffee. Wood aroma is the only legitimate addition to the aromatic spectrum of your coffee. Nevertheless, roasting with a neutral flavor is easy – simply use natural coals. Roasting times with the Firewood are relatively short as a batch of 15kg can be roasted in 11 to 16 minutes. Roasting with the Firewood requires a pressurized air source for the selection box actuator.

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Coffee Tech Engineering

Country:  Israel

Coffee-Tech Engineering specializes in the manufacturing of professional coffee roasters and coffee roasting equipment. Our company designs and manufactures a wide variety of manual and automatic shop coffee roasters, as well as commercial coffee roasters.

Our unique and comprehensive approach derives from the fact that we encompass a wide array of coffee expertise, bringing together tradition and a love for coffee alongside advanced technology. Coffee-Tech Engineering is in the possession of experienced experts in roasting, blending and brewing methodologies. Together with top technological hardware and software experts, gifted product designers and skilled craftsmen, We present a mounting up experience of decades.

Coffee-Tech Engineering is leading the market of artisan shop roasters, thanks to an intensive research and development process and the use of high end technologies and design. Our coffee roasters present the best ratio of dimensions, weight and energy consumption vs. roasting output and quality. More than any known shop roasters on the market – it is evident that our leading products excel in their small footprint and space required for their operation. Moreover, we have succeeded in importing and embedding the same professional features that exist in large scale commercial coffee roasters into our compact machines. By using high quality European made components and maintaining simplicity in design, we are able to offer our products worldwide, assuring long lasting quality of roasting and simple in-store repairs when needed. Therefore, our manual and automatic shop roasters are the gateway to a wide scope of business opportunities for small and medium coffee-shops and coffeehouses.

Our coffee roasters excel in their superb and even roasting of coffee beans, and are especially designed to handle blended coffee successfully. We believe that in order to achieve the best results, coffee should be roasted in the same country that it is consumed in. Proximity assures not only the freshness of coffee, but also maximum control of the product’s taste and quality. Hence, a great deal of our research and development process is dedicated to achieve even and superb roasting quality with different types of coffee beans and blends. Using our Coffee Laboratory, we are able to bring roasting parameters – such as heat dispersion, air flow, thermodynamics, rotating blades, energy efficacy and other key factors – to their optimum.

Coffee-Tech Engineering operates a training center at the factory for granting the utmost professional training to our valuable customers. The free course presents the theoretical and actual know-how of roasting and endows with additional essential knowledge related to the secrets of preparing the perfect coffee – from blending to brewing.

Coffee-Tech Engineering is committed to following strict manufacturing standards, to deliver innovative and fresh thinking, and to support its clients worldwide. Even more so, we are capable of wrapping it all up with our unique and stunning designs. As would be expected from coffee fanatics, we put the coffee in center of things.

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