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Wampa Srl Model K5 and K40


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Due to its technical and constructive characteristics, the k5 to k40 model can be considered highly innovative, robust and reliable professional machines. It has a rotating cooking cylinder with double fins to allow greater cooking uniformity.

Roasting takes place by means of hot air, with indirect heating given by a highly insulated oven. Furthermore, this roasting machine has always been built with separate bodies and with the built-in film maker for a smaller footprint and to facilitate its disassembly and internal cleaning; the vacuum cleaners have porthole opening for maximum ease of periodic cleaning without tools. All this is completed by an electric control panel that makes this machine safe and simple in its operation.

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Wampa Srl

Country:  Italy

Wampa S.r.L. - formerly "Officine Balestra di Mario and Giuseppe Balestra" since 1947 - is at the forefront in the production of coffee processing machines: roasters, silos, augers, mixers and coffee grinders. The precious manufacturing of our machines is the result of a careful and scrupulous design and a workmanship carried out with technical expertise and craftsmanship of the details. Our workshop supplies machines to the major coffee producers in Italy and around the world, to thousands of retail outlets and bars. The "WAMPA" brand of Ing. I. T. S. Giuseppe Balestra is a guarantee of high quality and professionalism.

In addition to experience and quality, we offer our customers:

~ site inspections for customized systems;

~ customized design, for every space requirement, from large industrial plants to sales outlets;

~ guarantee and assistance with prompt intervention for the machines supplied.

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