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Efficiency from the first to the last cup of coffee

QUIMBOA automatic coffee grinders are characterized by they speed of service, offering coffee always freshly ground. Its compact and robust design, its precise and reliable mechanics and its customization make it it an ideal tool to Horeca´s professional.

Motor and Grinding chamber

The QUIMBOA incorporates a high performance motor designed to ensure a robust, accurate and reliable mechanics.

Motor and Grinding chamber of MARKIBAR’s automatic coffee grinders, guarantee the stability of grinding point at different rates of work, parallelism and alignment of burrs and repeatability of doses.

Optimized microfines

The balanced distribution of microfines on portafiltre allows a homogeneous extraction of coffee to get the maximum performance.

Automatic and manualporta-filter management

There are two models of the QUIMBOA coffee grinder:

Class A: Comes with a built-in automatic single and double porta-filter detection system for maximum comfort without dosing errors.

Class B: Allows you to select 1 or 2 coffees manually.

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Country:  Spain

Over 30 years of R&D atthe service of coffee professionals

MARKIBAR is a leader in the Research, Design, Development and Manufacture of automatic coffee grinders for the hospitality industry.

For 30 years, we have worked to offer our customers innovative solutions to ensure coffee quality in every cup. 

Our passion for innovation and close relationship with our customers help us discover their needs and constantly improve our products.

Now, more than 50,000 MARKIBAR coffee grinders have left our facility to meet the demands of professionals in the hospitality industry in more than 20 countries. 

We manufacture our products with local suppliers to guarantee quality, reliability and service.


MARKIBAR grinders, with built-in dispensers for one and two separate coffees, allow baristas to combine high productivity with maximum ground coffee freshness.

Quickly switching the work mode from Pre-ground to On demand brings a versatility of use which facilitates and optimises the work flows in coffeehouses the world over.

Other innovations, such as the one or two coffee porta-filter identification system, independent grinding chamber, customisable designs and online grinder management, have made us an innovation leader in the market..

Our R&D department is currently working to release the new IZAGA W coffee grinder with weight-based dosing, which will represent a leap forwards in the quality and consistency of the doses the grinder dispenses (patented system).

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