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High consistency in each cup of coffee

Its isolated grinding chamber, smart ventilation, innovative grinding point control system and its top quality materials, are designed for highly demanding coffee shops with a high coffee consumption.

Isolated grinding chamber and smart ventilation

The IZAGA automatic coffee grinder has the most advanced technology to guarantee its high performance.

The design of the independent grinding chamber, thermally isolated from drive motor allows cold grinding, even for large coffee consumption.

High precision grinding point control

IZAGA allows you to regulate the required coffee grinding point with micrometric precision.

Each CLICK of the grinding point modifi es the particle size by 0.0083 mm/click.

In addition, the bidirectional handle locking system, which requires the Coarse or Fine key to be pressed to start, allows for error-free adjustment of the grinding point in the proper direction.

IZAGA TFT & KEY models

Two user-grinder communication systems: touch screen or keypad:

The TFT system comes with a touch screen showing what is going on inside the grinder and allows you to manage and programme it graphically and intuitively.

The KEY system has an alphanumeric display and a membrane keypad.

Quick change between PRE-GROUND and ON DEMAND

The IZAGA grinders allow the user to switch quickly between the PRE-GROUND and ON DEMAND systems.

The work mode and status of the dosing chambers are shown in real time on the graphic display (TFT) or alphanumeric display (KEY).

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Country:  Spain

Over 30 years of R&D atthe service of coffee professionals

MARKIBAR is a leader in the Research, Design, Development and Manufacture of automatic coffee grinders for the hospitality industry.

For 30 years, we have worked to offer our customers innovative solutions to ensure coffee quality in every cup. 

Our passion for innovation and close relationship with our customers help us discover their needs and constantly improve our products.

Now, more than 50,000 MARKIBAR coffee grinders have left our facility to meet the demands of professionals in the hospitality industry in more than 20 countries. 

We manufacture our products with local suppliers to guarantee quality, reliability and service.


MARKIBAR grinders, with built-in dispensers for one and two separate coffees, allow baristas to combine high productivity with maximum ground coffee freshness.

Quickly switching the work mode from Pre-ground to On demand brings a versatility of use which facilitates and optimises the work flows in coffeehouses the world over.

Other innovations, such as the one or two coffee porta-filter identification system, independent grinding chamber, customisable designs and online grinder management, have made us an innovation leader in the market..

Our R&D department is currently working to release the new IZAGA W coffee grinder with weight-based dosing, which will represent a leap forwards in the quality and consistency of the doses the grinder dispenses (patented system).

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