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Whole bean coffee

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Cupping Notes Earthy, molasses, smoke, and tobacco, full body with a long finish
Location Earth, Solar system, Orion arm, Milky way, Local group, Virgo cluster, Virgo Supercluster, Laniakea Supercluster 
Altitude Any, anti-gravitational 
Best for Humans, Flatwoods, Greys, Hopkinsville goblin, Green men, Nordic/aliens, Reptilians and Reptiloids
Process Instantaneous acceleration, Anti-gravity, Hyper-sonic, Cloaking, Tans-medium travel

E115 is the element in which the UFOs use for anti-gravity and travel through space. Whether you are riding in a ship or looking to build one this coffee will give you the fuel for your journey. Supreme dark roast artisan roasted coffee. 

Roast degree Dark
Сafein free No decaf
Cupping Notes Earthy, Smoke, Tobacco
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Koffee Kult Coffee Roasters

Country:  USA

In 2010 after drinking yet another cup of average coffee, Koffee Kult's founder began the quest for a better cup of coffee. They believed that roasting their own coffee would be the only way to get better coffee in their cup. After a long quest of finding a coffee roaster and sourcing coffee beans, our first batch of roasted coffee dropped into the roaster cooling bin in early 2012.

Koffee Kult's first coffee roaster was a 15 kilo Ambex knock-off we named Little Blue. It roasted 18 pounds of coffee per batch. This machine now sits in the front window as a display.

Back in 2012 roasting coffee was merely a hobby. There was no need for a business name at the time as it was just to roast better coffee for our founder.

However, sharing roasted beans with our friends and family sparked a demand for more coffee. Soon friends of the founder's friends were offering money in order to get a bag of freshly roasted coffee. This lead to Center Stage Coffee being formed as it was required to open a business and banking account.


As local demand grew for Center Stage Coffee beans there was an emerging online market. The founder was not interested in selling coffee online, however the founder's mother was adamant this coffee needed to be sold on Amazon.

Reluctantly agreeing, the founder decided online sales should be sold under a different name not to tarnish the Center Stage Coffee brand. Koffee Kult was picked for representing our customers and their dedication to the coffee.

In 2014 Center Stage Coffee / now officially Koffee Kult added Amazon and our own as sales channels. This created more growth than the founder and family could have ever imagined. Little Blue was roasting coffee until 2am most days. It was time for a larger roaster.

In February 2015, we acquired Big Red, a used 60 kilo Ambex coffee roaster with the ability to roast 80 pounds per batch.

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