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George Howell Decaf Colombia Jardín

Whole bean coffee

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Raisins with chocolate, dark cherry and a touch of lime to bring out the fruit notes in our Colombian decaf.

Jardín (Garden) is one of the most beautiful traditional towns in Colombia and coffee has grown here since the 19th century. Over 1,600 coffee farms averaging 4 acres in size and still growing the prized Caturra variety are located in this municipality.

This coffee is decaffeinated using Methylene Chloride (MC), a chemical that binds to the caffeine molecule and allows separation from the rest of the beans’ molecules. Of all the decaf processes this is the least destructive to coffee’s natural flavors. USDA allows one part per million of MC for human consumption; tests show our decaf has less than 1.

Country: Colombia
Region: Antioquia
Altitude: 5,100 - 6,900 ft.
Varietals: Caturra & Variedad de Colombia
Harvest: June 2016
Production Method: Traditional washed

Roast degree Light
Сafein free No decaf
Process Washed
Cupping Notes Sour, Cocoa
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George Howell Coffee

Country:  USA

George Howell Coffee’s mission is to seek out the best coffees on Earth. We buy the finest regional and single farm-sourced coffees for coffee lovers who share in our quest for the ultimate cup!

Our customers come first. We want our customers to take part in the adventure as we explore the rainbow of coffee flavors. We treat our coffees with precision and care, from export to storage to roasting to cup. We are ambassadors for the farmers of fine quality coffees – dedicated to knowledge and its dissemination, accurate execution, caring communication, detailed service and the highest levels of excellence.

Quality coffee farmers are our partners. We form relationships with farmers we trust and deeply respect for their consistent dedication to excellence. We benefit from their hard work, attention to detail, and virtuosity – and pay accordingly, independent of the commodity market. As roasters and brewers, we are interpreters of the symphony composed by farmers interacting with nature. We strive to deliver, without overpowering, all the translucent layers of flavor inherent in great coffees.


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