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Fundamental Coffee Stemwinder Blend

Whole bean coffee

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The word stemwinder is most commonly used today to describe a particularly fiery or notable speech, usually in the context of politics.  Many mistakenly equate the word with long-windedness, but its use dates to the 1800s and had nothing to do with speechmaking.  When watches with stems for winding (rather than cumbersome, frequently lost keys) became available, they represented a huge leap forward.  So taken were people with this technology that “stemwinder” was eventually used to describe most anything of exceptional quality.  It is in that spirit that we’ve named this coffee Stemwinder Blend. 

Stemwinder builds on Single Coil not by replacing a component, but by adding one and giving it a courageous dark roast.  By adding a plantation coffee from the Waghi valley of Papua New Guinea, we add body, flavor and complexity; roasting it a bit darker makes the coffee sweeter and more balanced.  It’s richer than Single Coil and livelier than Humbucker. 

Roast degree Dark
Сafein free No decaf
Cupping Notes Sweet
Availability In stock

Fundamental Coffee Company

Country:  USA

The Fundamental team brings over 50 years of coffee experience to this venture.  It’s hard to last that long in any business without developing both a respect for the hard work of others and a point of view that informs how one goes about his or her daily work.  We aren’t shy about our opinions, but nor do we expect everyone to agree with us.  But we do hope you’ll try our coffee and let us know what you think. 

Our logo, the black circle with a never-ending wave pattern, is a stylized representation of the “third harmonic,” a common concept in music.  The first harmonic is the lowest frequency (the fundamental frequency) produced by a specific musical instrument, and since music and coffee go together and inspire us, we thought this was an excellent logo.  (There’s some cool physics at work in all this stuff about frequencies, sinusoids, and Chladni plates, but the Internet is a better source for that than our Web site.)  

You can reach us directly by email. 

Scott McMartin:

General coffee questions, comments, and anything else you’re curious about, use the form on the right.

You can send green coffee samples, as well as small gifts to:

Fundamental Coffee Company

PO Box 98122

Seattle WA98134

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