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EverRoast 60 KG Roaster


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This industrial coffee roaster is designed to meet the needs of quality industrial coffee roasting for large volume production.

  • High quality CE Certified Components
  • Long-operation life
  • High performance
  • Easy to use and maintenance 
  • User’s Manual , maintenance guide and Installation Guide are available
  • Riello Burner
  • Siemens/Schneider electronic components
  • 2 year warranty

Standard Features

  • Single / Double walled roasting drum
  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling
  • Sight glass and sampler spoon
  • Separate cyclone / External cyclone
  • USB cable to connect to PC (Artisan Software/Cropster)
  • High Safety Systems (Gas security system – Temperature Control  Emergency button)

Optional Features

  • According to preference; Copper, Chrome and Brass made body
  • For copper roasters,embossed logo on drum
  • Afterburner
  • Destoner
  • Conveyor
  • Automation : PLC touch screen

Advanced Features

Control Unit

Our roasters can be controlled in two different ways. The standard way to control the roaster is manually via the control panel. Manuel control comes with seperate start/stop buttons of each motor, burner switch and emergency stop buttons. 

It is also possible to control and set up the machine via touch screen PLC control.

Easy Operation

Our PLC control panel is easy to use. You can easily adjust/control the temperature, power, fan speed and drum speed! All parameters are visible on the screen and every adjustment can be controlled by one touch away

It allows you to record, edit, analyse, save and repeat roast profiles, and displays the relevant parameters such as roasting time, temperature and burner power. The program saves every roast automatically and you can use them in your future roasting, so that every roasting that you do will have the same result.

  • Reproduction of roasting profiles
  • Record and storage of roasting profiles
  • Overview of all important roasting parameters
  • 30 Roasting Programs can be saved.
  • 7.1” touch-screen display

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Country:  Czech Republic

EverRoast specializes in producing of high quality coffee roasters and coffee roasting equipment.

We produce everything that you will need in coffee industry. Briefly, our range of products consist of coffee roasters, grinders, destoner , afterburner , silos, pneumatic coffee conveyor.

Our aim is to produce coffee roasters and roasting equipment in high quality for shops and industrial segments while achieving great customer satisfaction. You are always welcome to visit our main office in Prague and test our machines personally. Our team will gladly train you on how to use our machines.


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