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Typhoon 10 kg hybrid


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The first hybrid coffee roaster of it's kind!

What is better, a ​traditional drum​ roaster or a fluid-bed coffee roaster? Typhoon 10 kg Hybrid can be both drum and 100% fluid-bed ​with the user able to choose their preferred type. This is the revolution in the coffee roasting industry!

Choose your preferred amount of heat transfer!

More convection or more conduction? You decide.

Сhoose among 3 options: 10% drum and 90 fluid-bed, 50% drum and 50% fluid-bed, 70% drum and 30% fluid-bed​. ​Apply h​eat for perfect bean color consistency ​using 2​ ​different ways of mixing: ​airflow and and drum blades. Shipment set Included with the roaster are r​ eplaceable drum blades of various thickness. By changing your drum blades​, you can ​adjust drum heat transfer. For instance, 2mm drum blades accumulate ​a ​low amount of heat ​- the main source being airflow. Conversely, ​6mm drum blades accumulate a lot of heat thus excluding necessity to apply airflow.

Absolute control over the process

"Typhoon profile" + "Cropster" & "Artisan" = maximum convenience for stable work!

It is crucial to maintain the profile during a roast upon which depends taste, flavor and color qualities of the roasted product. Roaster master needs to select the right parameters to develop individual taste and flavor descriptors for ​coffee o​ f special sort and origin. Typhoon Profile System 3.0 will allow you to create and ​store ​professional ​profiles f​or ​coffee r​oasting. Standard models include touch-screen panels to set and control the system.

Add uniqueness to your model

Customize RAL color of any Typhoon roasters.

Classic design includes 3 colors: decorative panels are colored in gold, cooling table and door is in black, and the main frame is designed according to your preferences. Additional option provides a possibility to fully design your model to your taste.

Order ​a ​laser cut of your company logo to be place​d ​on the side door of your coffee roaster ​to​ emphasize your company individuality.

Easy cleaning and service

Gain full access to the most remote areas of the machine for ​the cleaning ​of chaff and by-products.

To open ​the​ r​ oaster, you ​only need ​a​ few seconds. Cleaning c​ an be done ​effectively b​etween shifts since the main filter screen can be easily removed and rid of by-products. In doing so, you can avoid the effect of a dirty drum ​which causes ​an ​unsavory s​ moky smell.

A full-fledged cyclone integrated into the roaster!

New Typhoon hybrid comes with​ with an external cyclone which effectively cleanses the air of chaff and ​supplies clean air for the next r​ oast cycle. You can roast batches non-stop without ​needing​ to destone coffee after it has been dropped to the cooling table​, t​he batch being perfectly clear of various admixtures. You can dispose of rubbish collected in a bin under the external cyclone once per 15 roasts.

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Country:  Czech Republic

For 10 years now, Typhoon Roasters has been creating equipment designed to revolutionize coffee roasting! We strive to make the best product for professionals, that's why we cooperate with recognized specialists and experts, who with great enthusiasm helped us to move in a new direction. Most of the technical solutions used in the equipment are our unique developments, which are protected by patents of Russia and the USA! Today we have a modern production facility and qualified personnel, allowing us to produce high quality products at the level of international standards. Now more than 350 big companies roast coffee on Typhoon roasters in Russia, CIS countries, USA and European Union.


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