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Nepal has been bringing very special coffees onto the market for several years. In the Himalayan region of Gorkha, various farmers started growing coffee in the 1990s. Our source of supply is a plantation of 70 ha, which was founded in 1994 and is located at an altitude of 1,400 m above sea level. lies. The irrigation takes place through the fresh snow water of the rest of the 7'000 m above sea level. lying Ganesh-Himal mountains.  

Our coffee is prepared wet, ie the coffee cherries are soaked in water for about 24 hours and then largely peeled from the pulp. Due to the moisture and remnants of the pulp, fermentation begins. The beans are then separated from the pulp, dried, the parchment skin removed, sorted and made ready for export.

This extraordinary coffee bean impresses with its exotic aromas and unfolds a full body. The aromas of lightly roasted cocoa beans, jasmine, red berries and candied oranges ensure a special and full-bodied coffee enjoyment.

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Turm Kaffee

Country:  Switzerland

Through the centuries-old tradition and the enormous knowledge about coffee, Turm Kaffee conveys the high-quality coffee culture to its customers and employees.

Turm Kaffee - the oldest coffee brand in Switzerland - celebrates the craft of roasting and preparing coffee at the highest level. As an independent family company, Turm Kaffee takes responsibility and stands for fair treatment of people and culture in the countries of origin. Thanks to the responsible behavior, stakeholders in Switzerland and in the coffee countries of origin benefit from the company's successful business.


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