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Probably the most unusual coffee in India is the so-called "Monsooned Malabar". It grows at an altitude of 1,000 to 1,800 meters above sea level. in the hilly landscape of the state of Karnataka. Temperatures reach 20 ° C to 35 ° C all year round.

Our coffee comes from the Coorg region and is grown in the shade under tall trees on large plantations, so-called estates. The red cherries are picked and then during the monsoon months from June to September for weeks in covered and mostly open halls on grids, which are exposed to up to 90% high humidity. This causes the cherries to swell and naturally reduces the acidity of the beans. The beans are then dried to 12%, peeled and ready for export.

Our "India Monsooned Malabar" unfolds its heavy, deep, syrupy sweetness with a strong body and particularly low acidity. The nuances of roasted nuts, light tobacco notes and marzipan result in an unforgettable and mild balance of flavors. It is especially recommended for coffee lovers with stomach problems.

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Turm Kaffee

Country:  Switzerland

Through the centuries-old tradition and the enormous knowledge about coffee, Turm Kaffee conveys the high-quality coffee culture to its customers and employees.

Turm Kaffee - the oldest coffee brand in Switzerland - celebrates the craft of roasting and preparing coffee at the highest level. As an independent family company, Turm Kaffee takes responsibility and stands for fair treatment of people and culture in the countries of origin. Thanks to the responsible behavior, stakeholders in Switzerland and in the coffee countries of origin benefit from the company's successful business.


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