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Ethiopia is considered to be the birthplace of coffee. As in the past, a lot of coffee grows wild in the forests of the Yirgacheffe region.  

Our coffee comes from the area of ​​Aricha and is planted there by over 650 small farmers in the shade of large trees. The coffee grows at an altitude of 1,900 to 2,100 meters above sea level. and is brought to the processing station in Aricha after the harvest, which lasts from October to January.

The small farmers make sure that only the very ripe, red cherries are picked and then placed directly on so-called “African Beds” to dry in the sun. After this process, the moisture content of the beans is around 12%. The coffee is then peeled and ready for export.

The name Aricha originally comes from a legend that says that when an old man gets white hair, the bark of the aged trees also turns white. Since these trees are widespread, they call it "Aricha".

The taste of Aricha Grade 1 impresses with its harmonious aroma with the sweetness of dark berries, honey and the acidity of lime. With the subtle flavors of jasmine and wine, this coffee ensures an exotic and aromatic finish.

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Turm Kaffee

Country:  Switzerland

Through the centuries-old tradition and the enormous knowledge about coffee, Turm Kaffee conveys the high-quality coffee culture to its customers and employees.

Turm Kaffee - the oldest coffee brand in Switzerland - celebrates the craft of roasting and preparing coffee at the highest level. As an independent family company, Turm Kaffee takes responsibility and stands for fair treatment of people and culture in the countries of origin. Thanks to the responsible behavior, stakeholders in Switzerland and in the coffee countries of origin benefit from the company's successful business.


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