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Trabattoni TP 30/60/120/180/240 Kg for any batch


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The coffee roasters Trabattoni TP 30/60/120/180/240 Kg for any batch  are very strong: are build with special bricks oven and double drum (homogeneus warm)

Normally our customers buy this coffee roasters for a high quality product, the roasting process lasts about 18 minutes.  

Thera are a lot of options for the burner: manual, thermoregulation three flames ( semi-automatic model), thermoregulation three flames with PLC to record and reproduce the roasting profile (automatic model) 

The heating system it's possible by wood, gas (natural or LPG), diesel or pellets.

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Trabattoni Impianti Torrefazione SNC

Country:  Italy

Since 1910 we are a family and artisanal factory! We can design build and install coffee roasters and equipment for the coffee industry and similar product (nuts, barley, malt, corn, rye, etc)

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