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Selmi Chocolate-Machinery Roaster 106


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  • Electrical specifications: 400V three phase 50 Hz
  • Required power: 20 kW – 32 A – 5 poles
  • Loading hopper maximum capacity: 6 kg
  • Roasting time:
    • 15-18 min. for coffee
    • 10-12 min. for nuts
    • 20-40 min. for cocoa beans
  • Dimensions: H 1610 mm, W 840 mm, D 1120 mm

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Logo Selmi Chocolate-Machinery

Selmi Chocolate-Machinery

Country:  Italy

Selmi Group

Roasting Machinery and Equipment

Artisanal roasters, made in Italy, at the forefront of technology, compact and easy to use, delivering a perfect and constant roasting of coffee and nuts.

The strong bond and significant commonalities between the world of machinery for the processing of chocolate and that of coffee, nuts and cocoa bean roasters has led the company SELMI, in its constant search for technological evolution and as the world leader in the sector for over 50 years, to direct some of its planning and production resources over the past 15 years to the creation of machinery for the roasting of coffee and nuts.

Our roasters, available in 4 models with various production capacities, make use of the exclusive and patented Vertiflow System, which allows for a controlled and high quality roasting: the process works by suspending the product in air – a fluid bed – resulting in a uniform cooking from the exterior to the centre of the bean

Our objectives are primarily to:
- Offer the opportunity to industry professionals, via the use of ROASTER, to autonomously roast raw green coffee, hence making the blend offered in one’s own premises unique, with very interesting profit margins.
- Offer to one’s clients the possibility to add alongside the traditional roasting systems the possibility of an alternative cooking method, not only for coffee but also for nuts, cereals, cocoa beans and any desired product via small adaptations to the roaster.

We are furthermore able to design and create personalised semi industrial roasting systems complete with loading hoppers for green coffee, destoner machines for the removal of residual naturally occurring impurities from green coffee, sold by the traders of the raw products, containers for the degassing of coffee and machines for bagging the roasted product.

The professionalism of our company combined with our high quality and state of the art machines are the best guarantees that we can offer to those who choose Selmi to help them to carry out their own roasting.

In order to meet the needs of various production capacities, Roaster is available in the following models: Roaster 101, roaster 102, Roaster 106 and Roaster 120.

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