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19grams Spring Bloom

Whole bean coffee

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The Caturra variety from Mexico grows on the Finca La Teja at an incredible 2150m above sea level. The farm, owned by Millar Cruz, is only about 7 hectares in size (or rather small). The Caturra coffee plants are carefully selected; since this variety does not grow very large, it is ideal for the small farm.

In addition, the quality of these beans benefits immensely from the enormous altitude. It allows the coffee cherries to ripen especially slowly at low temperatures, developing more complex flavor aromas.

Millar Cruz has created a small but optimally interlocking ecosystem on his farm. His small coffee plantation has left the surrounding flora and fauna untouched. The farm draws its water from an adjacent spring. He has also built his own beehives. The bees reliably pollinate the coffee flowers and improve the formation of as many coffee cherries as possible.

The second part is also a Caturra Lot, but from Guatemala. Fancily named, "Peña Blanca," the lot is already a single estate blend of Bourbon and Caturra beans that was washed after harvest and develops a clear, crisp flavor profile with sweet notes of orange blossom and white chocolate.



Country:  Germany

Founded in 2002 by Sascha and two friends in Berlin Friedrichshain. It was then that we started brewing specialty coffee, imported directly from Costa Rica from farms we had got to know from a vacation. Our first direct relationships with coffee farmers. Fast forward to 20 years - we're 19grams and we still deal directly with coffee producers around the world. Direct trading is a trend today that has always been part of our DNA. We name our coffees after the farm they were grown on, in order to focus on the work of the farmers. Our coffee beans are made by cafes and home brewers around the world.


We believe that a strong relationship with the farmers is key. By eliminating the middlemen in our supply chain, we achieve more: speaking directly to the farmers and producers allows us to understand their work and trace each coffee back to the tree, bringing the best quality to your cup. Even more important: we can pay the farmer a price that is many times higher than the commodity coffee price. In this way, the living and production conditions in the growing countries can be improved.


The Cup of Excellence is the highest distinction a coffee can receive. But the Cup of Excellence not only evaluates the best coffees in the world, it also enables roasters and farmers to establish direct contact. We are proud that there are several COE jurors among our partners and in our core team. (Link: Meet the team). Through this direct connection, we regularly find outstanding coffees, meet the farmers, learn and discuss and build strong, long-term relationships.

We want to help you develop specialty coffee. For many coffee drinkers - especially in Germany - specialty coffee is difficult to understand. We will help you and introduce you to the acids and sweetnesses. We go beyond the classic idea of ​​specialty coffee. We believe that specialty coffee in capsules, disposable drippers and fully automatic machines is a must-have to be able to easily prepare the best coffees.

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