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Oatly plans to open a new factory in the UK by 2023


Swedish alternative milk company plans to produce much more products based on oat with a new production manufactory in Peterborough. 

At the start the new site will produce 300m liters annually but will raise this number to 450m liters in several years, Oatly said. Also, the new factory will create 200 jobs in 2023 when it opens. 

Oatly's preparations to enlarge production measure starts right after it filing for an IPO in the USA, which could bring the company's approximated value to $10bn. They also received a $200m investment from Howard Schultz - former Starbucks SEO - and other public figures such as Oprah Winfrey and Jay Z. 

The UK had become an important market for alternative milk and other plant-based production movements, Oatly noted in their press statement. "While demand for Oatly's production across the UK growing bigger and bigger we are pretty happy to supply it," said General Manager of Oatly UK Ishen Pagan. 

The reason Oatly's plant-based milk products doing so well is global demand to reduce environmental impact and use more healthy products. Younger consumers, particularly those under the age of 35, constantly seeking such opportunities these days. 

As evidence in September 2020 Alpro, a plant-based beverage and food manufacturer from Belgia, makes a statement that it would invest $35m to improve production facilities in Belgium and UK to produce additional 75m extra packs of oat, rice, soya, and coconut drinks each year.