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First-Ever Indonesia Cup Of Excellence: What Coffee To Hunt?


First-Ever Indonesia Cup Of Excellence: What Coffee To Hunt?

You may have read or heard the phrase “Cup of Excellence Winner” on the Internet regarding information about good coffees. Or maybe you have some idea about the Cup of Perfection contest.

The Cup of Excellence is a whole program and trademark owned by the non-profit organization Alliance for Coffee Excellence Inc.

ACE collaborates with coffee-producing organizations. It holds championships every year and selects the best varieties to get a real price for such high-quality products by exhibiting and selling them at an auction. In addition, they organize roasting and cupping training courses for professionals.

The geography of the Cup of Excellence events is so extensive that it includes the territories of East Africa, Central, and South America.

First Indonesian COE

Of course, Indonesia cannot step aside from this prestigious competition. The coffee producers from every corner of the country gather together to promote their harvest and compete for the title of world coffee champion.

As a result of the country’s first Cup of Excellence coffee quality competition, 26 micro-lots of coffee from eight different Indonesian islands received a score of more than 87 points and the status of national winners.

The coffee varieties selected in the COE competition were sold at an auction on November 23 for 30 USD per pound minimum. Everyone has a chance to buy the winner variety at an auction in November- December.

Who Are The Winners?

Rank 1

  • Variety: Ateng, Gayo 1, P88, honey-processed
  • Score: 89.28
  • Farm: Pantan Musara

Rank 2

  • Variety: Sigararutang, naturally processed
  • Score: 89.04
  • Farm: Ibun Ita

Rank 3

  • Variety: Ateng, Gayo 1, P88, washed
  • Score: 88.89
  • Farm: Pantan Musara

In total, the 26 winners from 9 country regions represented many post-harvest processing methods. They planned to promote the coffee winners to the Japanese market as the “best Indonesian coffee”. Wish them luck!