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Country: Germany

Located in the surroundings of Bremen, the oldest stronghold of the coffee industry in Germany, NEUHAUS NEOTEC looks back on a history of almost 90 years, which began in Delmenhorst in 1931.

The company NEUHAUS started out as a manufacturer of machines for grain processing. The merger with NEOTEC resulted in the company Neuhaus NEOTEC that is today part of the KAHL Holding. Initially, the company focused entirely on plant engineering for coffee processing and now, with its second business unit "Particle Technology", it successfully offers fluidised bed plants and grinders for a wide range of products.

In the beginning, grinders and continuous roasters were manufactured under the license from J. Burns. The Hamburg-based company NEOTEC not only became established as a partner in the coffee industry, but also became market leader for roasting systems in the nut processing industry. With its competence increasing, NEOTEC started to develop the unique RFB roasting system about 35 years ago. The increasing variety of coffee products in the coffee industry with specialties such as espresso as well as the demand for roasting profiles with varying lengths from fast roasting to the traditional slow roasting was the main motivation of the continuous enhancement of the RFB roaster series with interval roasting. Today, it is one of the leading roasting systems worldwide and its efficiency is still unsurpassed.
In addition to the hot air roasting system, NEUHAUS NEOTEC has developed the drum roaster series CTR in cooperation with leading coffee roasting companies. The systems were designed for high capacities with an optimised energy consumption and they are now an integral part of our product portfolio with their different sizes.

Decades of experience in grinder development enable NEUHAUS NEOTEC to offer efficient and robust grinders for a wide variety of grinds for the production of capsule, espresso, filter and instant coffee. Our modern grinders cover the entire range, from small and medium capacities with the WMS and NEOGRIND series to high capacities with the WMK series.

Today, we offer the complete product range for coffee processing companies and supply turnkey plants and roasting plant to companies all over the world, such as Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Nestlé, Tchibo, Kraft Heinz Foods, Aldi, MZB Segafredo or Ahold/Delhaize, to name but a few.

Together with our sister company DEVEX, we build complete instant coffee factories worldwide from a single source, including extraction and freeze-drying.






Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH Fockestrasse 67 27777 Ganderkesee Germany

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