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Country: Germany

Our success story began in 1925. In that year Julius Gießelmann founded the Gießelmann bakery. Over 90 years later, the bakery has grown with three cafés, including one with a coffee roastery, and four other sales outlets. The Familenuternehem is a training company and workplace of around 80 employees, managed by Ralf Gießelmann, his wife Andrea Gießelmann and his sister Christiane Gießelmann.

In the bakery and pastry shop in Bergneustadt, fresh breads, rolls and snacks are baked every day, but cakes are also prepared. We only work according to our own recipes, which have been in our family for several generations and place great value on the high quality of the baked goods.

Our breakfast menu is particularly popular with our customers. At the weekend we offer large breakfast buffets in our cafes in Bergneustadt and Eckenhagen. From boiled eggs to fresh croissants, there is something for every taste. We recommend making reservations for the breakfast buffets, because a gift voucher for a delicious Gießelmann breakfast is in great demand.

Our little heart pieces, however, are the award-winning breads introduced by the bread sommelier Ralf Gießelmann. You can find out which bread specialties are on offer and when, in the bread calendar. There you will also find information on gluten-free, wheat-free and lactose-free products.





Ralf Gießelmann, master baker at Kölner Str. 239 51702 Bergneustadt

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