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Country: Germany

As a specialty coffee roastery, it is our aim to find, roast and brew coffees that are exciting in terms of the senses. Founded by Maren Ernst in 2014, we are now a small family company in the south of Cologne.

Since 2017 we have outsourced our main production to our roasting plant in Pulheim.
We are happy about the exchange with "Kliewe Coffee Elements", with whom we share this location and who have set up a wonderful La Marzocco showroom here.

We are a specialty coffee roastery passionate about sourcing, roasting and brewing sensory exciting coffees. Founded in 2014, by Maren ERNST, we are a small family business, located in the south of cologne. In 2017, we outsourced our main production to our roastery, which is located in the suburbs of cologne. We are happy to share this location with Kliewe Coffee Elements who runs a wonderful showroom of La Marzocco and is our partner in crime when it comes to coffee machines and grinders.

When it comes to the coffee trade, we don't compromise. In order to meet our high standards of transparency, quality and sustainable trade, we work with the best coffee importers in the world: Café Imports, allycoffee, Falcon & Rehm supply us with fresh harvests from all over the world. By working with the experienced importers, we ensure that we receive coffees of the highest quality that can be traced back to their origins: paying fair prices is a matter of course for us in a partnership with our producers.

In sourcing coffee, we don't compromise. To fulfill our high standards in transparency, quality and sustainable trade, we collaborate with the most reliable coffee importers in the world: Café imports, allycoffee, Falcon and Rehm provide us with fresh crops from all over the world. In working with these experienced importers, we ensure getting the highest quality beans, that are traceable to their very origins. Paying fair prices is natural to us in a cooperative relationship.





Ernst Kaffeeröster, Bonner Str. 56, 50677 Köln, Germany

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