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Country: Macedonia

In the era of the firm communist system, on August 19, 1954, Borivoje Kajevikj founded and registered in the company register its private whitesmith’s workshop BORO. At the beginning, in the workshop there were 2 employees and 2 student trainees.

The first products were machines for production of hard candy, lokum (Turkish delight) and tahini halva. Since 1956 it started the production of wood processing. Due to the limitation to employ only three qualified workers, Borivoje transformed its workshop into a center for training students in the field of economy. His desire to create staff within his activity provided him to have many workers legally. After the earthquake, a new workshop was built, with a quality equipment for performing the three basic activities: casting, white smithing and machine fitting. A new production program was started in 1966, which included mills for whole-wheat flour and various types of flour for animal feed. There were 5 qualified workers, and 25 students in economy in the workshop. In 1970 a new workshop was built in the settlement Madzari, which at the time was the most modernly arranged private workshop in Macedonia. The number of qualified workers in the new workshop increased to 10, and since 1973 it no longer had students in economy, because the practice within the school curricula was terminated. This resulted in disastrous staff problems in the craftsmanship and in the economy. The production program was once again modified in 1976, with the commencement of the production of coffee and spice grinders. The frequent changes in the production assortment and the continuous effort to be first with a new product is what leads the company BORO towards an increasing number of successes.

In1978, Ljupco Kajevikj, the son of Borivoje, joined as a partner in the craftsmanship shop. The production program was enriched with coffee roasters, dryers and spice mills. All factories in former Yugoslavia that produced “Vegeta”, used “BORO” machines for its production. During these years of working together, the father and the son achieved great successes. Thousands of small coffee grinders were produced intended for coffee grinding in shops. The gradual development led to the production of complete factory plants for food processing. The protective sign BORO became a synonym of quality in former Yugoslavia and in the Balkan, and the craftsmanship shop got its slogan “Quality is Our Tradition”.

Today, the “BORO” machines still successfully function in 26 factories for coffee processing in former Yugoslavia. Since 1988 the company started a new goal: work locally, and think globally, which is how the first export activities of the company “BORO” started. The coffee grinder intended for use in markets, Type – 150 B, was exported in all European countries, the United States, Australia, Chile. Until the retirement of Borivoje Kajevikj on January 1, 1995, this workshop had transformed into a small appreciated factory that complies with all JUS and DIN standards. The breakup of Yugoslavia and the change of the political system led the company to a great crisis, however to a strengthening of the export activities and the beginning of new products – cast decorative urban equipment, which once again reflected the seriousness and the quality of “BORO”.   

With its street candelabras, it beautified Shirok Sokak and the Bezisten (Covered Bazaar) in Bitola, the central bazaar in the towns of Negotino and Gevgelija, the square in Skopje (2004), and the company is especially proud of the lighting in the yard of the presidential palace in Skopje.

In April, 2000, Borivoje Kajevikj died at the age of only 69 years. By creating for himself in the socialism, by introducing new products and principles in the company, he left deep traces, which have guided us to this present day. Since 1954, more than 150 students in economy, and at least 100 highly qualified craftsmen have worked and qualified in the company “BORO”. Borivoje Kajevikj constantly said: “My company is the largest employment agency”.  

More than 8000 thousand various machines have been produced, and more than 15.000 people actively participated and worked on their production.

Being constantly together with his father, now his son Ljupco continues the operation of the company, and in the periods of transition he managed to preserve and upgrade the Company “BORO”.

In 2012 and 2014 the company was further strengthened with two young engineers, Boro Kajevikj – mechanical engineer and Blagoja Kajevikj – electrical engineer. With their inclusion as the third generation of owners, the quality sign boro continues to live and strengthen. The slogan “Quality is Our Tradition” and the company’s policy: work locally, think globally, will certainly lead us to new successes.

Since 1978 to this day I managed to preserve, promote and strengthen the company “BORO”, and the greatest success, joy and fortune for me is that my sons will continue to run the company “BORO” in the future.

Ljupco Kajevic






Ul.Blagoja Stefkovski bb, Madzari, Skopje

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