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Vaga Bon Café Kenya Thirikwa PB

Whole bean coffee

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Region: Kirinyaga
Varieties: Ruiru 11, SL-28, SL-34, Batian
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1600m.
SCA score: 88.25 points
Profile: fruity, winey, herbal, super sweet, structured and textured

330g. in grain

Process Washed
Roast profile Espresso, Filter
Cupping Notes Fruity, Sweet, Fermented
Altitude > 1500 m
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Vaga Bon Café

Country:  Switzerland

The Vaga Bon Café project started in 2016 in a stealth workshop in the village of Ste-Croix. We had a minimum of equipment, a bag of Kenyan, a VW pickup and the desire to do well. 

From that time, there remains essentially the spirit & the approach, the care of the details and the pickup.

In 2018, we changed the countryside and installed our roasting on the heights of Vevey in the middle of the Chasselas. Since the fall of 2019, you will find us in the center of Flon in Lausanne where we occupy part of a disproportionately unusual space in the company of earthy contemporary antique dealers. 

We strive to apply a simple and honest line of communication in line with our approach;

We offer top quality Single Origins coffee selected from the best European importers. Each year we focus our strategy on a few origins from which we select several batches according to their aromatic profile and their originality. Our roasting style is to highlight the organic characteristics of our coffees without altering them.

If we had to define objectives, it would be to continue to:
Offer exclusive micro-lots at realistic prices ... take risks and enjoy our daily activities ... remain independent, unaffiliated and faithful to our approach
... satisfy a increasingly demanding and informed customers.

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