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IBO Series Toper Roll Mills meet the distinct requirements of capsule and ultrafine coffee producers by innovative features as:

  • Consistent particle size precision and uniformity

  • 24 hours non-stop operation

  • Grinding under 40°C at all times by special cooling system

  • Highest aroma and volatile oil preservation technology available

  • The only roll mill with sample spoon in the world

  • Ultrafine grinding of 50 – 125 um Turkish Coffee

  • High-tech, independently driven rolls manufactured with 50+ years of grinding experience

  • Soft particle edges for better & smooth drinking experience

Highest quality from the “Academy owner”

Toper’s global coffee roasting and grinding experience makes the company an innovation house for best possible coffee production quality.

Founding and running the only Coffee Academy with SCA Diploma System in Turkey, Africa and the Middle East, Toper closely follows the latest improvements on the market.

New Roll Mill is a part of this continuous innovation in quality and engineering especially (but not limited to) to capsule and ultrafine coffee producers.


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Country:  Turkey

Why should we choose Toper?

What will you gain if you choose Toper products?


1- Compared to other brands, our machines are user-friendly. Since the cost of hiring a professional is huge, it does not require a professional user. Based on country conditions; Our machine assists to gain profit from labour cost up to 50-60%.

2- If you decide to purchase our roaster, you will be entitled to receive a complementary academic education authorised by Specialty Coffee Association.

3- Raw materials of high quality are used for manufacture of our machines in order to serve for many years without creating any troubles for users. The machines run smoothly as long as there is no intentional damage. Compared to other brands, our machines provide gain from servicing and spare part costs at the ratio of 5-10%.

4- Our machines protect users against injuries through safety systems, as long as they are not intentionally misused. Our machines help to save up 2-5% from user efficiency.

5- Our machines are supplied in a way to consume low electricity. Heat insulation, heat transfer, electricity waste is prevented through automatic digital control system. Our machines help to save up 30% from electricity consumption.

6- Durable electric motors that generate low electricity are preferred while choosing electric motors. The system enables you to check the motors individually, as needed. This helps you to save up 10-30% from electricity consumption.

7- Toper products and designs are based on years of experience. Our machines are compact and they have been designed for you to save space in your working environment.

8- We customise machine layout for buildings that are in progress or construction of which is finished. We optimise the layout in the most efficient ways. These 3D designs will give you an idea of how to place the machine in your factory of café and how they will look. We can customise the colour and coating of the machine according to preferences of customer.

9- Coffee roasted with Toper might gain some characteristic aromas and flavours. Thousands of aromatic components contained in coffee can be formed according to your request. Production of sustainable quality is guaranteed for each and every roasting.

10- Roasting coffee and revealing its magical aroma requires maximum care. If you heat up coffee excessively, the coffee will lose excessive weight. Whereas percentage of loss in other brands is 20%, it is 14% in Toper. The gain in amount of coffee is 6%

11- Our machines are environmentally-friendly. We use afterburner that provides a smoke-free environment.

12- It provides the opportunity to manually drain the boiler preventing dangers that might occur during a power cut.

13- Air flow setting is available.

14- Flame level setting is available.

15- Exhaust and green coffee temperature probes are standard.

16- It has got fast or slow roasting ability in compliance with the latest roasting techniques.

17- Our products have got following quality certificates; ISO, UL, CE, KGS and GOST.

18- It has got international guarantee for 2 years.

19- Since we have got friends from all over the world, Toper family does not have customers. Providing the best service for our friends is our primary goal. Our wealth come from our friends from 132 different countries in the world.

We hope to work with your company and wish you success in your business.


Best Regards,


Ramazan Karakundakoğlu

General Manager


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