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Timemore Black Mirror 2 Smart Pour-over Scale

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The upgraded Black Mirror 2 smart pour-over coffee scale will offer you an extremely pleasant experience. Its stable and elegant pour-over stand and Black Mirror simple scale demonstrate modern design aesthetics. With comprehensive brewing information, pour-over data can be completely controlled. The smartphone APP has been fully updated. When connected via Bluetooth, a mobile phone will clearly display relevant data.

Original DualSense dual-core weight sensor

Two sensors of Black Mirror 1 are integrated into one, which simplifies the complex double-scale structure and improves stability. This has won a utility model patent
Patent number: ZL2019 2106 5943.7

Complete data control

In addition to the simultaneous measurement of the “water injection amount” and “extraction amount”, the “flow rate” of water injection can be seen directly. For both green hands and professionals, this product will help to make coffee of stable quality due to comprehensive brewing information.

Smart interconnection for immediate data control

The APP has been fully updated, with a brewing guide mode for green hands to make coffee step by step. The weight hyperbola record and flow rate hyperbola record show the entire process of coffee brewing. You can share data with friends through social software, and also read the brewing data of champion baristas and perform automatic tracking simulation. This is not only an electronic scale, but also a learning platform for coffee brewing.

Upgraded battery life

This product is equipped with a built-in 2300mAh high-capacity lithium battery. With the Cypress chip computing solution and optimized system software, energy consumption is more reasonable. You can use the physical ON/OFF button to turn off the entire product.
This product is capable of continuously working for more than 24H. If it is used for 20 minutes per day, it can be used for more than two consecutive months.

Lifting & rotary stand

The delicate clamp is locked by a wear-resistant POM part and can be smoothly rotated right and left. After the nuts are unscrewed, the stand can be adjusted vertically, without scratching its metal surface. The filter bowl holder has a distinctive texture. It is capable of fixing the filter bowl and compatible with most of filter bowls on the market.
Utility model patent number: ZL 2020 2 0128652.4

Logo Timemore


Country:  China

We believe the amazing power of the coffee. We gathering together and enjoy the coffee together.

We create one after another products with the love for coffee. Fish03 Kettle, Chestnut Grinder, U French Press... TIMEMORE grow up with our products step by step.

We create Fish03 Kettle to help coffee lovers easy to use coffee makers; We create Crystal Eye Dripper to help users use a “professions + aesthetics” products. We create TIANMU to help coffee lovers enjoy oriental design during coffee extraction; We create BLACK MIRROR SCALE help coffee lovers enjoy coffee with technology. We create around 10 new products every year, to be a standards for coffee industry.

It is a long time to create a new item from 0. For a new item, we contact 10+ suppliers, we try dozens different processing. We are in charge of every item we produce, and offer good service to customer.

TIMEMORE Coffee is an established brand co-founded in 2012 by several coffee lovers.

We based on the need of specialty coffee, create original coffee makers one by one. We believe the amazing power of art and craftsmanship can help people enjoy the slow life in the busy world

We pay more effort to create and update the coffee makers just because we love coffee with no compromise.

We learned to choose how to give up when we face to the benefits.

We become a team and brand with the trust from more and more coffee lovers. We hope share slow life mode, aesthetic design and a great story to people.

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