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Sirocco Espresso Rubino in capsules

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For this noble espresso blend, we only use washed Arabica specialty coffees from Central America and East Africa. Thanks to our special AlpineRoast © process, a coffee experience reveals itself with incomparably fine and elegant taste nuances - fruity-floral on the palate and velvety on the tongue, yet strong with a present body and a long and intense finish.

Ideal as a ristretto or espresso.



Country:  Switzerland

More than 100 years ago, Alfons Kuster founded his coffee roastery on the upper part of Lake Zurich. Even then with great attention to detail. Just like today. We can still find the best producers for you. People who care for their products with body and soul. People who do not compromise when it comes to the quality of their valuable raw products.

Of course, a lot has changed since then, but it is important to us that the spirit of this venerable tradition lives on with modern and sustainable cultivation and processing methods. Because this is exactly where coffee differs from coffee and tea from tea. This is exactly where our palate feels the difference. And enjoy the memory of tradition with every drop.

Demanding clienteleTraditional not only are the long-standing, partnership-based relationships with our planters but also the loyalty of our customers, which in some cases has lasted for decades, sometimes even over 100 years. We now also export our first-class products to renowned hotels and leading airlines in Switzerland, Europe and Asia.




Committed to qualityOur exceptional quality standards go far beyond the uncompromising purchase of raw products. In addition to regular quality controls by the cantonal office, we have committed ourselves to various other quality standards.

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