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  • Boiler with transversal exchanger Dia.50 mm 19 L
  • Water mains connection with 3/8 G connection nipple
  • 6 key push-button panel (1 espresso, 2 espresso, 1 long espresso, 2 long espresso, programming, tea)
  • Luminous indicators that indicate: Machine ON  minimum boiler level heating element working )
  • 4 unit temperature adjustments (aluminium knob) and 3-way solenoid valves with ruby seal
  • Positive-displacement pump with externally adjustable by-pass
  • Dual scale pressure gauge (pump and boiler pressure)
  • Stainless steel steam nozzle
  • Hot water nozzle with programmable timed dosing and external mixer with temperature adjustment)
  • Electronic management of: Coffee doses (volumetric), tea dose (timed), minimum and maximum hot water level
  • Valve for emptying boiler
  • Automatic refilling
  • Sirai pressure switch
  • AISI 430 load-bearing frame
  • AISI 304 BA body
  • Safety thermostat with external reset
  • Stainless steel tilt grille for espresso coffee


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Brew Espresso Machines


Country:  Italy

Quick Mill was founded in 1945 and is specialized in the production of grinders and coffee machines.

The seat of the firm is in Senago, near Milan, in the northern Italy. The machines are entirely made in our firm, so the products are made in Italy with high quality materials, such as copper, brass and stainless steel.

We have a technical office for project and development of the new products, or for improvement of our machines, a stock for machines and spare parts and follow our customers step by step during the purchase and after that for every need. In our export office there’s always someone who speaks English, German, French and Spanish, so that our customers can be assisted at any time in case of commercial and technical questions. After you become a customer, you can register in our website and so have a list of all spare parts with the relative prices.

The expertise achieved during these sixty years has made Quick Mill a synonym of excellence and high quality.

The Company motto has therefore always been “Made to last for years”: the choice of the best materials, joined with expertise and the most advanced technologies, has allowed the creation of machines considered among the best and most reliable in the world. A high quality product, with a classic but researched design, made to last for years.

Quick Mill machines are not just the result of advanced industrial procedures, but come from our passion for espresso! The objective is therefore to create a product that should be able to satisfy the Customers’ needs by offering an excellent result.

The wide Quick Mill production range includes different kinds of machines, from the traditional, to the semi-automatic and fully automatic and the commercial machines. Different models in order to fulfill the different requirements of a Customer base that is getting wider and spread all around the world.

Recently, we have obtained also the Italcheck certification: it is very important, because it states that our coffee machines are produced in Italy, with Italian components. On each box of the machine there’s an Italcheck label. It is a “plus” for the customer.

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