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Magister Sistema Caffè 32 automatic version

Coffee makers

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Technical description

Two-group coffee machine with body in stainless steel.

  • Independently heated brewing groups, with 400 cc-coffee boiler in thick molded material
  • Professional filter holder
  • 2,5 lt-boiler for hot water and steam
  • One hot water dispenser and one steam valve
  • Inbuilt volumetric pump with motor
  • Auto-fill system on hot water and steam boiler
  • Group boilers with electronic independent disabling / power saving stand-by
  • Volumetric touch pads with red LED's, 4 doses/group + continuous brewing
  • Electronic boiler temperature on each brewing group
  • Electronic pre-infusion
  • Available upon request with internal 3-lt. water tank

Optional accessories:

  • Easy-to-fit pods and capsules kit for the brewing groups
  • Manual cappuccinatore or milk frother
  • 3-litres tank

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Logo Magister Sistema Caffè srl

Magister Sistema Caffè srl

Country:  Italy

A Company of real masters

Thanks to the enthusiasm and to the determination of a group of managers and engineers, that dedicated their previous professional experience to the coffee machines business, Magister started their activities in July 1997.

Since the very beginning, the ambitious industrial goal of the Company was to become an established player on a global scale, thanks to an extremely advanced know how. Magister actually decided simply not to assemble components, but to produce their coffee machines as a result of very accurate design, with relevant investment in research, betting on the development of technical and procedural innovation.
This was all clearly visible in the very first model, named System, whose quality and solidity immediately received a widespread appreciation. As in the following Magister products, constantly updated in terms of design and aesthetics, made a cornerstone of the traditional engineering and the unique features of the “Made in Italy”. The models Kappa and KXP are a clear example of this, bringing out aesthetics and design care in accordance to the traditional values of Magister. The Stilo range gave further impulse to the brand, that achieved several goals internationally.
The same applies to the most recent products: Stilo L stands out with its clear-cut impressive design; F 2006 is a real vanguard machine, boasting an exclusive brand new capacitive touch pad; F 2006 Life, a real excellence, an extremely innovative product, with a modern and functional design, ensures the most advanced programming options thanks to a new sophisticated touch screen.

The model F 2006 MultiBoiler, a clever combination of the well known virtues of mechanics with the wide advantages of electronics, features thermally independent brewing groups that provide the necessary versatility to enhance and make the most out of every single blend. With this top-range model Magister ensure the highest performance for the most skilled and talented baristas.
At the same time, to make the offer even wider, the 30 and 32 series were released, developed with the highest care and coherence, answering to the increasing demand for great levels of technology even in the smaller locations, and ensuring the maximum rate of parameter customization.
The widespread diffusion of the Magister brand in the main international markets, resulting from the excellent partnership with their Partners, was frequently underlined by several articles published on international business magazines.

As a recognition of the Company's activities, Il Sole 24 Ore, a prestigious Italian financial newspaper, dedicated to the history of Magister an important article defining their products as “coffee machines for real masters”. The City Council of Milan, “as a token of the entrepreneurial services”, awarded the Company for their value and their ambitious industrial project with the Golden Mercury.

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