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Two-group semi-automatic professional four-boiler coffee machine. Capacity 120 cups/hour.

  • The cold steam vent makes it possible to froth milk in pitchers of any size

  • Tall coffee groups. Allows the use of disposable cups up to 400 ml

  • Smooth brewing function due to mechanical regulation of water flow limitation in the coffee group

  • PID temperature control. Allows you to maintain the cooking process as accurately as possible

Boilers and cladding panels are made of AISI 304 food grade stainless steel

  • The absence of a mechanical power button improves ease of use and allows for a longer service life.

  • Built-in stopwatch shows the actual flow time through the coffee group in semi-automatic mode.

  • A convenient cold steam vent makes it possible to froth milk in pitchers of any size.

  • High coffee group allows you to work in the "coffee to go" format using disposable cups up to 400 ml.

  • Cold/hot water supply. Two positions of the lever for supplying cold or hot water.

  • The system of 3 independent boilers, made of AISI 304 stainless steel, maintains a constant temperature, which increases the performance of the coffee machine. With a streaming load, it allows you to use the machine 100% without loss of quality. This makes it possible to simultaneously make espresso, froth milk and serve boiling water.

  • PID temperature control. Allows you to set the desired temperature individually on coffee boilers and maintain it within the specified parameters.

  •  Branding with your logo - Production of the back panel with an individual logo and its illumination.


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Country:  Russia

Production since 2015
Our production is located in Yaroslavl.

Before launching mass production of coffee machines, we conducted laboratory tests of all systems for more than 5 years in order to provide you with multifunctional, high-performance, reliable, durable equipment.

All parts are made from high quality certified materials.
Our production is distinguished by the fact that all our coffee machines are hand-assembled. This allows for maximum quality control in the production process.
We do not resell, we produce!

More than 90 percent of components is our own production, including an electronic control board for the coffee machine.
Thanks to this, the necessary spare parts are always available in our warehouse.


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