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FETCO Brews CBS-1221 Plus Airpot Brewer

Coffee makers

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Three programmable batch buttons
Batches can easily be turned off or adjusted independently
Factory preset for plug and play operation
Simple programming screens for easy adjustment
Laser welded tank for longer life
Large tank for faster recovery, 2.66 Gallons
Dual voltage 120 V or 120/200-240 V available
Cascading spray dome for more consistent extraction
USB port to upload or download recipe
Interchangeable components are accessible from the front
Gourmet brew baskets available for large coffee volumes

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Brew Espresso Machines


Country:  USA

FETCO is a solutions focused, customer-centric partner that provides environmentally conscious, economical, and customized beverage equipment across all foodservice channels.

Our advanced manufacturing techniques ensure pinpoint accuracy and efficient use of raw materials. Our documented testing procedures and ten-point checklist on all assembly check points ensure first-class functionality and performance of every piece of equipment that leaves our assembly line.

Our LEAN manufacturing processes ensure maximum cost containment. Our cross-trained labor force allows for manufacturing flexibility. Our vertically integrated operation allows us to efficiently complete smaller production runs, to minimize lead times and simplify inventory management.Our national service program provides round-the-clock assistance for service issues. Our trained parts and product technicians possess extensive product knowledge to help troubleshoot, suggest parts and help operators get back to business quickly. Our team approach ensures that your service, maintenance and parts needs are taken care of quickly and efficiently.


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