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East Pole Worka Sakaro

Whole bean coffee

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Worka Sakaro Washing Sation is located in the Gedio Zone in Ethiopia. The washing station works with over 400 smallholder farmers in the region. These farmers grow their coffee on the steep mountain slopes at approximately 2,000 to 2,200 meters above sea level. The coffee is grown in the shade of Birbira, Corsica Africana, and Ensete Ventricosum trees. The coffee is picked when the cherries are ripe and then dried on raised beds for 18 to 21 days. Once the coffee is dried it is then milled to remove the husks and stored in a local warehouse before being transported for final processing before shipment.


PRODUCER Worka Sakaro Washing Station
AMOUNT 12 oz. retail bag, 2 lb. bag, 5 lb. bag
ORIGIN Gedeb, Ethiopia
ALTITUDE 2,200 meters above sea level
VARIETY Kumie, Siga, Wilsho
NOTES Pink Lady Apples, Grapefruit Rind, Honey

Сafein free No decaf
Process Dry
Cupping Notes Fruity, Sweet
Availability In stock
Altitude > 1500 m

East Pole Coffee Co.

Country:  USA

A roastery and coffee bar from Atlanta.

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Roasted coffee

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