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Whole bean coffee

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We taste Floral and Berryish flavors.

Immerse your palate in this expansive taste landscape. This seasonal blend offers a full spectrum of flavors, from Jasmine and Candied Orange to Brown Sugar and Dark Chocolate. Just like looking out from Palisade Head in Silver Bay, or taking in a sunset falling on any Minnesota lake, this coffee is meant to be savored. Enjoy the view!

Available in 12oz or 5lb bags.

Сafein free No decaf
Cupping Notes Floral, Cocoa
Availability In stock

Dogwood Coffee Company

Country:  USA

We call Minneapolis & St. Paul home. Dogs are our preferred companions, washed our preferred coffees, and gratitude our preferred posture. Est. 2010.

Visit our website for current hours and to order ahead!

Coffee for Others // our slant, our guide, our concern. It’s what marks us when we’re at our best, the league in which we want to play. Whether you’re getting a bag of Dogwood or a cup of our coffee, know that our work is to see and give value to everyone along the way - from the people who grow our coffee to the truck driver delivering it to our warehouse, from all our own staff to everyone who walks through our doors. Our coffee is for others.

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