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Discaf Destoner elevator


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Indispensable equipment for any coffee or nut roaster factory, since with it one can remove any unwanted particles such as stones, wood, small iron objects ... etc. This equipment is also useful for transporting the roasted product from the roaster's cooler to any other point of the installation as the product is stored in an elevated tank below which can be installed a grinder, a silo, a bucket elevator
Discaf manufactures in various sizes and different productions depending on the customer's need.




Country:  Spain

Welcome to our company

We would like to introduce ourselves. Our company has extensive experience in the manufacturing, marketing and export trade of machinery directed to the coffee industry , from a wide range of items for Gourmet Shops (with the best decorative finished), till automatic and completed installations, that we offer to the coffee roasters and dried fruit sector. The means available to us, are our factory in Sabadell, at the service of all our operative areas. Our productive plant incorporate constant innovations and improvements in process and controls, that include the most modern technologies in order to carry out with our work philosophy: To offer our customers the most advanced and original equipments that you can find in the world of coffee.

In order to achieve all our purpose, Discaf makes good use of values such as quality, innovation, warranty, confidence and security, this way our customers obtain a compromise of permanent improvement answer for the youth and dynamism characterized for all the human team of our company.

Our future projects go by keeping our political over continuous improvement, a line directs towards the constant search of the best finishes, which ones can provide the maximum satisfaction to our customers and guarantee the evolution of their quality of life with a minor physique effort, compensated with the innovators systems of automated of our machinery.

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