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969 Duo

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The smallest 2 group machine, existing in the market! In a small space it still allows working with two groups. Integrated tank version, it makes it even more flexible because you just need an electrical socket. Excellent for emergency or rental machine.

2G Rotex

  • 41 x 43 x 55 cm.
  • Boiler lt. 3,00/5,50
  • Weight kg. 40,00
  • 230/2.000 V/W

2G Tank

  • 41 x 43 x 55 cm.
  • Boiler lt. 3,00
  • Weight kg. 40,00
  • 230/2.000 V/W
  • Tank capacity lt. 5,20


  • Electrical cupheater
  • LED lights
  • Teawater mix system
  • Interface for cash systems
  • America version available with a total distance of 13,00 cm.

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969 coffee

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