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Country: Germany

We build espresso machines. We know everything there is to know about espresso machines having built them since 1985. We work with so much passion on our machines so that you can have the best espresso possible in the world in your home.
Our machines offer you the highest performance combined with a purist design, which you may not know yet, every home needs.

That is how we think about coffee and we want to share our passion for great coffee with you.

We bring together technology and design on a user-friendly basis to enable you to be the best barista in your own home. With highest quality materials and elements such as the E61 brew group, developed by Faema, we bring tried and true technologies together with new innovations.

Our highest claim is quality and our motivation is to create the best products. Our espresso machines and grinders are manufactured in our production facilities in Bammental and Mauer (near Heidelberg).

We build each part by hand. We want you to be satisfied and therefore we work with the greatest care and passion on every single detail, for the perfect espresso machine.






Profitec GmbH Industriestraße 57-61 D-69245 Bammental