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Country: Denmark

At MOKKAHOUSE, all our beans are specialty coffees and they are selected solely on the basis of aspects such as taste, quality and sustainability.

We care about ourselves, as human beings, about you as a customer, as well as about our all-together globe so our Rainforest Alliance and ECO certification is extremely important to us and something we are proud of.  

We even roast all our beans in batches of 10-15 kg at a time based on recipes that we make ourselves.

As we are ECO certified, all grates and everything that comes in and out of our green bean stock are registered. That is, there is full traceability so that we can always find our way back to the grate and delivery to which the individual bag of coffee belongs.

At MOKKAHOUSE we have coffee from all corners of the world and through our roasting we strive to produce the most prevalent notes from exactly the country where the beans come from. That's why we also call our coffees names like Brazil or Ethiopia, but since we also celebrate diversity and want to give you a very special coffee experience, we have also created some fantastic blends that make the coffee fit well with the individual brewing method. The warrior who is a child of Brazil and Uganda, for example, is fabulous for Espresso and Mafia, which is good for filter coffee, comes from Columbia and the highlands of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

We roast seasonal coffees, where we are inspired by the seasons and try to produce the notes that apply. It is, for example, flowers and freshness for spring or nuts and chocolate in autumn, where there is more room for contemplation, while the wind shakes the trees.







Stationsvangen 5 Skødstrup, Danmark 8541, DK