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Merrild Lavazza


Merrild Lavazza

Country: Denmark

Møller Merrild was a coffee-loving man, but he was not satisfied with the coffee products available on the market. That is why Møller Merrild bought his first coffee roaster in 1960, which was the starting point in the history of Merrild coffee.

With his own coffee roaster in the basement under the grocery store, it was now possible for Møller Merrild to roast the coffee beans himself, so they became just the way he liked them. In the cellar, experiments were made with both roasting and taste, until it tasted the same good every time - when he knew that the quality of the coffee bean could vary for each harvest. One of these blends is the good Merrild 103, which can also be purchased today. 

Lavazza is known for being the authentic Italian coffee. Quality and Innovation are therefore important focus areas for the company - but Responsibility is also high on the agenda. Lavazza is involved in a wide range of projects around the world.

Lavazza is coffee that is drunk all over the world, both at home, in the office, the café, the restaurant, the hotel, etc. Watch the delicious Lavazza video here that really sets the mood for a good cup of coffee.





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