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Kontra Coffee


Kontra Coffee

Country: Denmark

Kontra Coffee is a Danish coffee roastery with Copenhagen as a base, but we sell to the whole country. From our store in Østerbro, we sell beans, machines and accessories to private individuals, and from our offices on Jernholmen we work hard to make the best possible company coffee solutions.

We started Kontra Coffee in 2005, and the success we have today is based on on good service, technical ingenuity, flexibility and some of the world's best raw materials.

In our coffee roastery on Jernholmen, we work every day to promote the quality of the coffee that is drunk around the whole country from Elsinore to Haderslev, from the office to the kitchen table, to go and to stay.
Every day we roast and pack green beans, which we have ordered from a number of coffee-producing countries in the equatorial belt. Every day we open new bags of green beans, which we dose, weigh and mix to achieve exactly the coffee blends that we think taste best.








Jernholmen 43-47 2650 Hvidovre