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Kjeldsberg Kaffe


Kjeldsberg Kaffe

Country: Norway

Kjeldsberg is a local coffee distillery in Trondheim with long traditions and a strong passion for coffee. With a focus on quality, taste and good ingredients, we have been making coffee for six generations. We live to give our customers the best coffee experience.

Kjeldsberg delivers coffee to REMA 1000 and Bunnpris, as well as large and small catering companies. For catering, we can assist in obtaining the right coffee machine for the customer's needs. If you have any questions or want advice on a good coffee scheme for your workplace, you can contact one of our employees.

Kjeldsberg coffee is owned 50% by REMA Industrier and 50% by Kjeldsberg Invest. The goal is no less modest than to be the best in coffee - both in quality and price.

Kjeldsberg has imported and processed coffee since 1856. We therefore have a long tradition of taking social responsibility seriously. 160 years of operation would hardly have been possible without the operation being based on respect and good business ethics. As a coffee producer, we are dependent on a value chain in which coffee growers play a crucial role. When coffee prices are low, there is a significant risk that coffee farmers do not have the finances to produce good raw coffee. All players in the coffee industry depend on it being profitable for coffee farmers to produce quality coffee.

Kjeldsberg Kaffe is the only coffee producer in the country that produces  exclusively certified coffee. Some of our products are also double certified.







Båtsmannsgata 1, 7042 Trondheim