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Kahls Kaffe


Kahls Kaffe

Country: Sweden

Kahls Kaffe AB is a family business in Gothenburg dating back to 1911. In our roastery, we combine over 100 years of collective knowledge with the latest technology to best meet our high demands for quality. We buy our coffee from the leading coffee countries in the world. Beans that are carefully selected and roasted with a gentle hand. Kahls is a gourmet coffee for you who want to enjoy every cup.

Our vision is to become Sweden's best supplier of coffee and tea. We know that this is a holistic experience which, in addition to a perfect and tasty cup of coffee or tea, also means that the entire chain, from the origin to the finished product, is responsibly and sustainably executed. Therefore, we have chosen to offer 100% certified coffee and to achieve the highest possible quality certification of our production. 

Through a constant dialogue with our customers, consumers and the authorities and partners we work with, we constantly work to be able to deliver products that live up to the requirements and wishes that are set. At the same time, it has been an obvious decision to be able to guarantee that both people and the environment are taken into account for the products we offer and which are a natural and important part of a perfect tea and coffee experience.

We buy raw materials and ingredients from origins all over the world, carefully selected and carefully transported to our facility in Västra Frölunda, where we refine them into our range of products. We will continue to search the market to further develop our portfolio of coffee and tea products and the related accessories.

In this way, I hope that Kahls builds on its tradition and that this is the basis for us being perceived as Sweden's best supplier of coffee and tea.






Kahls Kaffe AB Beatrice Lesslies Gata 18 421 31 Västra Frölunda